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YouTube: Retroarch How to Use Cheats Setup Tutorial Guide 2023 Huge selection of cheats and game enhancement codes for many retro systems Game Information, Cheats, Reviews and More! Cheat codes for your Switch 主机玩家的营地 任天堂 微软 索尼三大游戏主机的论坛 Switch520 GameMaster 9 (Software). Chinese or English Interface
[PSP金手指] 全球最完整1215个CMF金手指合集 dowload here: [1215cwcheat] Gameshark Codes Action Replay Codes Code Breaker Codes Cheat Happens is one of the largest databases of console and PC game cheat codes in the world. Super Cheats - Game Cheats, Codes, Help and Walkthroughs Game FAQ/Walkthrough Raw, Game Genie, Pro Action Replay, Gold Finger , SNES9x CodeTwink: CodeBreaker Codes Game Cheat Codes Action Replay / GameShark Codes Game Cheat Game Genie (all system, Arcade cheat) Cheat Planet Puggy's Mame Cheat Dramatic Cheat Revolution Cheat Codes General Cheating Utilities SNES Utilities Codes Headquarters uCON64 The Code Hut
[DOS] Shadow Knights Cheats. Hex Cheats: Use UNLZEXE to decompile SHADOW.EXE, then edit SHADOW.EXE with a hex editor. Cheat Link.
[PSX] Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete GameShark Codes  
[PSP] Final Fantasy III USA [NPUH-10125] CWCheat  
[PS2] Final Fantasy X International PCSX2 Cheat:
//HP does not decrease
[SNES] Earthworm Jim (U) AR code 7E662731 for immortality, 7E682A05 for invincibility
[SNES] Super Star Wars (U) AR code 7E0A7920 or 7E0A7924 for unlimited health
[SNES] Super Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back (U) AR code 7E0CF624 for unlimited health
[SNES] Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (U) AR code 7E0C5810 for unlimited health