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PPSSPP模拟器金手指作弊码的使用方法 来看PSP中文网
[PSP金手指] 全球最完整1215个CMF金手指合集 Or download here [1215cwcheat]
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[DOS] Shadow Knights Cheats. Hex Cheats: Use UNLZEXE to decompile SHADOW.EXE, then edit SHADOW.EXE with a hex editor. Cheat Link.
[PSP] Final Fantasy III USA [NPUH-10125] CWCheat  
[PSP] Ys 7 JPN Version [ULJM-05475] CWCheat  
[PS2] Final Fantasy X International PCSX2 Cheat:
//HP does not decrease
[SNES] Earthworm Jim (U) AR code 7E662731 for immortality, 7E682A05 for invincibility
[SNES] Super Star Wars (U) AR code 7E0A7920 or 7E0A7924 for unlimited health
[SNES] Super Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back (U) AR code 7E0CF624 for unlimited health
[SNES] Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (U) AR code 7E0C5810 for unlimited health