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When a student who fails to begin attendance in all the courses they were scheduled to attend withdraws 

Anytime a student begins attendance in at least one course but does not begin attendance in all the courses the student was scheduled to attend regardless of whether the student is a withdrawal, the school must  determine if it is necessary to recalculate the student’s eligibility for Pell Grant and Campus-Based funds based on a revised enrollment status and  cost of education. If the student is a withdrawal, this recalculation must be done before performing an R2T4 calculation, and the school must use  the recalculated amounts of aid in the R2T4 calculation. 

Financial Aid Handbook Volumn 5 Page 5-8
Financial Student Aid Regulation Changes: Determining the R2T4 Denominator (Updated)  
CYMI: New Rules! July 1, 2021 R2T4 Implementation Assistance  
(GEN-17-06) (GEN-17-06) Subject: Implementation of Year-Round Pell Grants