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CFWaifu Guides for game console custom firmware, homebrew and emulation  
RetroArch RetroArch is a frontend for emulators, game engines and media players.

Cross Platform: RetroArch can run on the usual platforms like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, but it stands alone in that it can support far more platforms beyond just that. RetroArch also runs on iOS and Android for tablets and phones, as well as on game consoles like PS2, PS3, PSP, PS Vita, Wii, Wii U, 2DS, 3DS, Switch, and more!

Windows 10: Use Arrow Keys, Enter, and Backspace to nevigate RetroArch.
Settings > Input > Port 1 Binds > To setup Gamepad Keys.

RetroArch: How to fix "Configuration File" option missing in RetroArch Main Menu. Cannot save setting without it.

           In RetroArch go to Setting > User Interface > Show Advance Settings: On
Emulators Emulators on Consoles | Emulators on Windows/DOS | Emulators on Unix/Linux |Emulators on Macintosh Zophar's Domain
日光宝盒 3.0 小鸡手工作坊  A lot emulators in one (N/A)
HappyChick Emulator


NES NES Game Download (N/A)
SNES/SFC SF Doctor 7 by Bung Enterprises Ltd (HK) GameDoctorHK
Super UFO 8 (best)(support X-T Code: Key in Pro Action Replay Code or Game Genie Code, support Gold Finger, cheat code can be found in, walkthrough can be found in

Super UFO User Manual

To use a SNESROM in Super UFO 8 or SF 7:

First, do a Checksum/CRC Repair fix by use inSNESt.
In DOS Command Prompt type: insnest h SNESROM
Second, apply Game Genie code (use Ucon64) if you want to:
      ucon64 --gg=GG_CODE ROM
Last, convert the SNESROM to SF 7 by inSNESt.
In DOS Command Prompt type: insnest c SNESROM
([Copier Type] choose Professor SF II/Game Doctor SF 7)

GameDoctorHK | SuperUFO

Super Wild Card DX2 32M/64M (support all cheat codes)  
Pro Fighter X GameDoctorHK
PC Linker (new & best) SuperUFO
GB Flash Linker (N/A)
GBA FA Xtreme USB (N/A)
XG-Flash USB (support GB/GBC/NES/movie)  
Flash2Advance USB eXtreme-Mods
EZ-Flash 2 PowerStar 256MB Set (new & best & fast, with real time clock, cheat code function,see compare)  
N64 N64 Doctor V64 Bung Enterprises Ltd (HK)

N64 Game Download
GameCube Some GameCube Roms: 1.



NGC Game Download

Wii / Wii U

Wii U Tutorials

(Best) Wii - How To Hack Any Wii Without A Game + All Files Needed (2015) - YouTube with link to download files.

Wii - WiiFlow v4.2.1 + Channel Installer ( How To Install All Files )

How to Install the Homebrew Channel on a Nintendo Wii the Easy Way

[How To] Install Homebrew Channel on Wii Using Letterbomb and Install HomeBrew Apps Tutorial - YouTube



List of all homebrew - WiiBrew

Wii Backup Manager Build 78 (Best)- Wii Backup Manager is a program to work with DVD backups, FAT32, NTFS and WBFS drives to convert between DVD, ISO, CISO and WBFS. It can also extract Wii games to the format used by SNEEK. [Better then WBFS Manager]

WBFS Manager 3.0 (Choose 32 bit or 64 bit) - This application basically provides a GUI for working with hard disk drives that have been formatted to the WBFS file system.

Wii Backup Fusion 1.1 - The complete and simple to use backup solution for your Wii games. ISO <==> WBFS.

Installing USB Loader GX v3.0 on your Wii (USB Loader GX v3.0)

Configurable USB Loader (the official site) Play Wii Backups (CFG USBLoader)

WiiFlow Channel Installer v1.1

WiiFlow v4.2.1 - Open source Wii GUI USB Loader

WiiFlow v4.2.1 + Channel Installer (How To Install All Files) - YouTube

Hacker's Network

[How To] Play Games Off of USB Hard Drive With Nintendo Wii (Part 1/2) - YouTube

[How To] Play Games Off of USB Hard Drive With Nintendo Wii (Part 2/2) - YouTube


3DMGAME下载站: 单机游戏 | Arcade | DC | MD | NDS | NGC | PS |  PS2 | PS3 | PSP | SS | WII | XBOX360 |  

Wii中文主题站 - 任天堂Wii | Wii价格 | Wii游戏下载 | Wii中文游戏 - 多玩游戏 -

Wii U Game Download

Wii Game Download

NGP Color NG Pocket Linker + 16M/32M Pocker Flash Card Bung Enterprises Ltd (HK)

Supercard DSTwo (BEST NDS Flash Card). 4 Dream Functions: RealTime Save, RealTime Cheat Code, RealTime Game Guide, and Multi-Save. Built-in GBA/SNES emulator.

How To Play Neo-Geo Games On Your DS with NeoDS [Official NeoDS Google Group]

The Best NES Emulator for the Nintendo DS: nesDS

Emulators on Nintendo DS

NDS掌机站 - NDS游戏下载 | NDS中文游戏下载 | NDS模拟器 | NDS电影下载
GOCYBERSHOPING | Taobao | OzModChips | LighTake | Depot4u
New 3DS / 3DS(XL)

Nintendo 3DS Tutorials

Sky3DS PLUS Flashcard = Sky3DS+ (BEST 3DS Flash Card, support latest firmware)

Q: How can I install a game like Monster Hunter 4 or Xenoblades to my MicroSD card? Since the file format
of the MicroSD should be in FAT32 it won't allow these big files to be transferred to it.
A: For those large size roms (4GB), you can use the 3rd party tool like: 3dsexplorer see video here to trim
it to the small size, sky3DS+ works fine with the trimmed rom!

Supercard DSTWO PLUS (DSTWO+) Flashcart. Supercard DSTWO PLUS (DSTWO+)can play NDS games on Nintendo NEW 3DS/3DS (LL,XL) V10.7.0-32U/E/J /2DS / DSi XL(LL) / DSi / DS Lite / DS. Supercard DSTWO PLUS (DSTWO+)can play 3DS games on Nintendo 3DS (LL,XL) Ver. 4.0-9.2 system.

If you want to play latest 3DS games on New 3DS, 3DSXL, 3DS latest system firmware directly, use SKY3DS PLUS card. If you want to play NDS/SNES/GBA games on any 3DS system, use Supercard DSTWO PLUS (DSTWO+) card.

Supercard DSTwo (BEST NDS Flash Card). 4 Dream Functions: RealTime Save, RealTime Cheat Code, RealTime Game Guide, and Multi-Save. Built-in GBA/SNES emulator.

R4i Gold Pro (Support Action Replace Cheat, RealTime Save)

Gateway 3DS Flashcard

3DS中文网 - 任天堂3DS 多玩N3DS专题站 3DS.DUOWAN.COM

3DS Game Download


Nintendo Switch Tutorials


YouTube: How To Easy Install Retroarch In Nintendo Switch

Step 0: Make sure you have a hackable Nintendo Switch. The Hackable Nintendo Switch has a Serials Number below.

    Hackable NS = Unpatched NS        Is My Switch Patched? If so, see below.

    Serials Number between XAJ10000000000 - XAJ10020000000
    Serials Number between XAJ40000000000 - XAJ40046000000
    Serials Number between XAJ70000000000 - XAJ70040000000
    Serials Number between XAW10000000000 - XAW10074000000
    Serials Number between XAW40000000000 - XAW40011000000
    Serials Number between XAW70000000000 - XAW70017800000

Step 1: Download Atmosphere [The files should be and fussee.bin] > Unzip > Copy and paste atmosphere folder to the root of your SD Card. [The path should be ROOT:/atmosphere]. Copy fussee.bin to atmosphere folder. [The path shoud be ROOT:/atmosphere/fussee.bin]

Step 2: Download Hekate [The file should be] > Unzip > Copy and paste bootloader folder to the root of your SD Card. [The path should be ROOT:/bootloader]

Step 3: Copy hekate_ipl.ini to bootloader folder on your SD Card.

Step 4: Download SigPatches copy and paste to the root of your SD Card. [SigPatches Info]

Step 5: Update RCM Loader [Press + until blue color] to boot to Hekate (recommended): copy the latest hekate_ctcaer_x.x.x.bin (x = version number) that downloaded from Hekate to RCM Loader inside ATMOSPHERE_HEKATE folder, rename hekate_ctcaer_x.x.x.bin to payload.bin. Or copy fusee.bin that downloaded from Atmosphere to RCM Loader inside Atmosphere_Hekate folder, rename fusee.bin to payload.bin. Or use TetraRcm on your PC to boot your Nintendo Switch to RCM mode, payload choose hekate_ctcaer)x.x.x.bin or fusee.bin on your PC.

Step 6: If reboot to payload isn’t working, restarts to atmosphere again, then copy the latest hekate_ctcaer_x.x.x.bin to atmosphere folder and rename it to reboot_payload.bin.

How to Connect your Nintendo Switch to your PC (the fast and easy way): Connect your Nintendo Switch to your PC using a USB Type-C to Type-A Charger Cable > On any game hold R then press A, may need to press A again to choose user, continual holding R until HB MENU shows up > Click Reboot to Payload > Press [-] on your Nintendo Switch > Click Tools > Click USB Tools > Click SD Card > Now you can copy and paste files (games / tools) between your Nintendo Switch and PC.

How to Offline Update Firware: Use above way copy Nintendo Switch Firmware to SD Card in your Nintendo Switch > On any game hold R then press A, may need to press A again to choose user, continual holding R until HB MENU shows up > Click Daybreak > Click Install...

大白兔 ChoiDujourNX - Offline Switch Firmware Updates and exFAT Driver Install (No Burned Fuses)

The Ultimate Noob Guide for Hacking your Nintendo Switch

Homebrew SD Setup is a web application that lets you select the homebrew applications and custom firmwares you want, and quickly create a zip archive to extract to your SD card. The Ninite for your game consoles.

Recommended Defaults Pick From Homebrew SD Setup       

Switch Tutorials #1: Full Jailbreak Guide Using Atmosphere CFW

Switch Tutorials #2: Installing Games (.XCI .NSP) Game Card Backups

Switch Tutorials #3: Running Emulators on the Switch

Switch Tutorials #4: Modding Games With LayeredFS

Switch Tutorials #5: Installing/Creating Cheats

Switch Tutorials #6: Handy Homebrew Apps

Switch Tutorials #7: How to Update your System Software

Switch Tutorials #8: Installing Ubuntu on the Nintendo Switch

Switch Tutorials #9: Installing Android on the Switch


Tinfoil - Installing games(xci/nsp)

EdiZon - Cheats on Nintendo Switch (600+ Games Supported)

Having issues running certain games or running Tinfoil popup corrupt data error message after you updated the Switch's firmware, or Atmosphere's version? Download and install sigpatches to SD Card.

YouTube: THE BEST Homebrew/Mod installation guide for Switch - by Needels

YouTube: How to Inject a Custom Firmware Payload Using an RCM Loader

YouTube: How To Install/ Update Retroarch v1.8.5 On Nintendo Switch (GBA,PS1,SNES,Ect) - by Jonny Troche

YouTube: Nintendo Switch Homebrew Error 2168-0002. So after playing with homebrew on the switch I kept getting this error 2168-0002, turns out I simple wasn't running homebrew in FULL RAM mode. Here is a quick video on how to do it run it. Hold R while selecting a game from the main menu will load full ram hbmenu (continaul to hold R until Homebrew Menu apears).

YouTube: Nintendo Switch How to split files for FAT32. Use XCI-Cutter V2.4.2 for XCI file. Use NSPsplitty 0.03-a for NSP file.

YouTube: Transfer Files to your Switch via USB Without Rebooting using NXMTP

Team Xecuter SX Core Modchip is the hacking device for All Nintendo Switch consoles, including the Patched, Unpatched and New Switch units (comming soon).

May use AOMEI Partition Assistant to format the SD Card to FAT32 under Windows 10.

Introducing SX         SX OS User Manuals Version 1.3

maXcheats - 3DS/NS Cheat Codes

YouTube: The easiest way to download cheats for SXOS or Atmosphere using Cheats Updater.

Switch Hacking Q&A General

Homebrew App Store for Swith - Has Switch Roms (best use 1fichier to download)

SOFTCOBRA - Has Switch Roms

RomStorage - Has Switch/3DS Roms (use TinyDeocoder to decode the link to download)

Best 2 Player Nintendo Switch Games (2020) - By Irwyn Diaz

Switch固件最新版/历史版下载 - 时鹏亮的blog

NH Switch Guide: Keeping your system up-to-date

Changing microSD to FAT32 (Optional and no need if using Atmosphere)
PSP3000 PSX <-> PSP: Icetea 1.3

PSX -> PSP: PSX2PSP 1.4.2

YouTube: How To Convert PS1 ISOs To Play On PSP

YouTube: How To Convert Multi Disc PS1 ISOs To Play On PSP

YouTube: How To Mod Your PSP - CFW 6.61 PRO Infinity

Tutorial to Hack PSP 3000 with Latest Custom Firmware 5.03 GEN-C


PSP掌机站 - PSP游戏下载 | PSP电影下载 | PSP3000破解


PSP2000 V3、PSP3000破解玩ISO完全教程


PSP3000 6.2破解傻瓜包 通吃所有版本主机 百分百

PSP3000破解,破解进度,破解视频,破解方法 PSP玩家网-PSPer.NET


PSP游戏下载 玩家网下载频道

PSP Game Download 


PS Vita Tutorials

How To Downgrade 3.73 To 3.60 Permanent Custom Firmware Henkaku Enso

Best stay at FW3.60

PS Vita (TV) Hacks Guide

HENkaku 変革

PSVita Game Download
PS1/PSX/PSone PS Modchip  
PSX <-> PSP: Icetea 1.3

PSX -> PSP: PSX2PSP 1.4.2

PS2 Breaker Pro ModChip CD - Allows the PS1/PSOne Console and PS2/PSTwo Console to play PS1/PSOne imports and backups without internal modification.

PS-X-Change CD version 2 (for all models). Also functions as a GameShark and allows you to input cheat codes.

Best CD-R to copy PSX games: Verbatim DataLifePlus CD-R AZO, since the bottom of the CD-R is a dark blue color, the PSX has a much easier time reading it than the other.
Buy Verbatim DataLifePlus CD-R AZO cheaper price at: Directron | Amazon | Bludogink | SuperWarehouse | DeltaMedia | ATA-Link | UniversalPart |

PSone Game Download

Golder Finger 3 in 1 (for early PS) (N/A)
PS Hacker (for early PS) (N/A)
PS2/PSTwo DMS4 Pro (universal for all PS2, best)  
Matrix Infinity (universal for all PS2)  
MX4SIO Dual Card Slot SIO2SD TF SD Card Adapter for PS2 and Free Mcboot FMCB Card For All PS2 Fat and Slim Fortuna FMCB Card

Free McBoot - Work on PS2 BIOS before 2.30 only, doesn't work on PS2 that is made after December 2008. Work on 70000 and 90000 type of PS2.

Free McBoot/HDBoot Menu:
    1. uLaunchELF (BOOT.ELF)
    3. Open PS2 Loader (OPL.ELF)
    4. Simple Media System (SMS.ELF)
    5. Launch disc (FASTBOOT)
    6. Reload Configuration (OSDSYS)
    7. Code Breaker 9.2 (CB92.ELF)
    8. Game Shark 2 (GAMESHARK2.ELF)
    9. HD Explorer (HDD_EXP.ELF)
   10. USB Advance (USBADVN.ELF)
   11. Genesis Emulator (PGEM151.ELF)
   12. SNES Station (SNES.ELF)
   13. XP Loader 2 (XPLOADER2.EFL)

SATA Port Playstation 2 NETWORK ADAPTER EUC PS2 internet Hdd [Support up to 1TB Hard Drive]

PS2 SATA Network Adapter PS2 SATA网卡. May have sale in Taobao [Support up to 1TB Hard Drive]

Official Free MC Boot Forums

Official UlaunchELF Forums

Official PS2PSXe Forum

Official ESR Forums

Official Open PS2 Loader Forum

Official OPL ps2rd Cheat Codes Tutorial

OPL+PS2RD Cheat Engine Integration (ELF)

[Tutorial] FMCB v1.93 Installation from PC with PS3 Memory Card Adaptor

FREE MC BOOT GUIDE: FMCB v1.93 Installation from PC with PS3 Memory Card Adaptor (Other link)

'FMCB' 1.8c 记忆卡启动最新版 & 'PS3MCA-TOOL v1.3'记忆卡PC端工具详解

FREE MC BOOT GUIDE: OPL Manager tool to manage your games on PC

Free McBoot 1.93 Noobie Package : uLaunch v4.42b, ESR r9b, SMS v2.9 r4, OPL v0.92. (6.75 MB)

Free McBoot 1.94 Noobie Package – 12-08-2014

uLaunchELF 4.42b: Playstation 2 .ELF Menu Launcher. Unofficial Launchelf - Boot Elfs From USB, HD, and MC.

OPL (Open PS2 Loader 0.9.3) the most Recommended App for Playing PS2 Games from Internal HDD, USB HDD, SMB and much more.

HDAdvance 3.0 | USBeXtreme:
Store and load PS2 Games from any internal or external HDD. Info: HDAdvance. HD Loader. PS2 Hard Drive Compatibility Chart. HD Combo 2. HD Pro. Application: USBUtil 2.0 / PS2DCDMP 0.99

WinHIIp: WinHIIp is use to copy PS2 game to PS2 HDD from PC. How to use WinHIIP 1.7.6.Download WinHIIp 1.7.6 here. [Support up to 1TB Hard Drive]

Playstation 2 Hard Disk Drive Applications

How to transfer game images to PS2 from PC using USB and WinHIIP

[How To] Install PS2 Games to Fat PS2 Hard Drive Using WinHIIP Tutorial - YouTube

Swap Magic 3.8 Coder | Memor32

Playstation 2 .Elf Menu Launchers

SKS Apps

Convert PS2 Pal games to NTSC (or NTSC games to Pal): use NTSC Converter

PSX-Scene Forums | Free McBoot | Open PS2 Loader 0.8 | PS2ESDL

Open PS2 Loader 0.8 User Guides

三冠 PS2游戏机引导卡FMCB记忆卡(64M)通用型中文PS2启动卡 42款

有存档的 PS2记忆卡64MB


PS2记忆卡量产工具Memory Card Annihilator v2.0. [Format Memory Card supper fast]. Download here or here

Auslogics Disk Defrag (To Defrag your disk)

How To Boot Games Off USB (External Hard Drive) With PS2/PSTwo (Using Swap Magic)

How To Boot Games Off USB (External Hard Drive) With PS2/PSTwo (Using Free McBoot)

How To Boot Games Off Network (SMB) With PS2 Using OpenPS2Loader

Example for my PS2SMB setup

How To Play PS1 (PSX) Backups on Fat/Slim PS2

How To Install Programs to FMCB and Show Up Main Menu of FMCB (Fat or Slim PS2)

How To Transfer PSX Save Games From PC To PSX Memory Card

Emulators on Playstation 2 | Playstation 2 Emulation Applications

[How To] Play PS2 Games Off Of USB Flash Thumb Drive (No Hard Drives!) - YouTube

PS2 Breaker Pro ModChip CD - Allows the PS1/PSOne Console and PS2/PSTwo Console to play PS1/PSOne imports and backups without internal modification

PS2 versions SCPH 30001 vs 50001, what's the difference? [SCPH-50001 is better]

PS2工具盘52合1 52in1V6

Best DVD-R to copy PS2 games: Taiyo Yuden (Media ID: TYG02, Grade: Premium) or Verbatim DVD-R AZO made by Taiyo Yuden (Media Code Mfr: TYG03) or Verbatim DVD-R AZO (made in India, UAE, Singapore or Taiwan. (Do not buy the "Life Series" or "Value Series" discs).

IGN Top 100 PS2 Games | TopGame2U Best 100 PS2 Games |
GameRanking: Top PS2 Games

PS2 Game Download

Muppet Chip  
PS3 E3 Flasher (Use it to Downgrade PS3 to OFW 3.55)

PSX-Scene Forums 

PS3 Jailbreaking FAQ – An Amateur Users Guide [PS3 Hacking and Modding Community]

PS3软件资源区 - 多玩游戏论坛

[TUT] How to install the latest 4.XX CFW's

[CFW] HABIB 4.78 v1.00 (+ Cobra v7.30) 混合破解系统 [Best]

[CFW] Rebug 4.80        

[CFW] Rogero CEX 4.55 V1.00 破解系统

Useful Tools:

    PS3 ISO TOOLS V2.2

    reActPSN v3.20+

    multiMAN v04.80.00 [Best 游戏加载器]. Support PSX/PSP/PS2/PS3 ISOs.

    webMAN MOD 1.43.28 增加支持4.80 CEX和DEX自制系统. Support PSX/PSP/PS2/PS3 ISOs.

    Iris Manager V3.00. Press START -> Initialize FTP Server, it will give you a IP address for your PS3. Use FileZilla Client 3.21.0 in your PC you can access your PS3 HDD or copy games to PS3 HDD. [Highly recommend to install]

[TUT] Iris Manager Tutorial to play PSX Game with cheat. Original link or click here for detail info. PSX 19-in-1 Cheat disc or click here to download.

Retro XMB Creator v1.6.5 Includes ROM Art Repo. RetroXMB Creator is a Tool allows user's with a CFW--Enabled PS3 to create shortcuts of your RetroArch supported ROMs on the XMB, with custom images and manuals in DDS format. Also PSX ISO, PC-DOS, and PS3LUA are supported for creating XMB game packages.

TrueAncestor PKG Repacker v2.40 - To make PKG
TrueAncestor PKG Repacker v2.30 - Support for XMB Categories

Brewology - PS3 Homebrew (PKG Download)

HABIB COBRA 4.53 V1.04刷机参考

How to Use PS2 Codebreaker 10 on PS3. Basically how to add the Codebreaker disc to a PS2 ISO, so you can play the PS2 game with Codebreaker cheats on your PS3 (Fun:)). YouTube or click here for video instruction. Files used in video to download here. Programs: ISOBuster 3.8 and FileZilla Client 3.21.0 and CD_DVD-ROM Generator 1.50 by Sony and CDVD IML2ISO.

Put PCK files into External USB/Hard Drive Root directory, then use *Install Package to install.
Put PS3 ISO files into External USB/Hard Drive Root:\PS3ISO\ directory.
Put PS2 ISO files into Internal Hard Drive Root:\PS2ISO\ directory.
Put PSX ISO files into External USB/Hard Drive Root:\PSXISO\ directory.
Put PSP ISO files into Internal Hard Drive Root:\PSPISO\directory.

split4G完美解决大于4G的游戏. Download split4G here or here.

How To Put PS3 Games On External HDD + How To Play Backups - YouTube

[How To] Split PS3 Games To Fit on FAT32 External Hard Drives for CFW PS3 - YouTube

[How To] Play PS2 Games on Modded PS3 (Rebug, Wireless Sync Works) - YouTube

How To Play PS2 Backups From XMB On CFW 4.60 And Below (Full Tutorial) - YouTube

PS3讨论区 - 多玩游戏论坛: PS3 downloads, PS3 files, PS3 resources, PS3 emulation, and more...

3DMGAME下载站: 单机游戏 | Arcade | DC | MD | NDS | NGC | PS |  PS2 | PS3 | PSP | SS | WII | XBOX360 |

PS3资源下载区 —— 电玩巴士游戏论坛


PS3综合讨论区 - A9VG电玩部落论坛

PS3破解讨论区 - 游戏日论坛

PlayStation3/PS3全方位讨论区 - 玩家网论坛

PS3 综合讨论区 - U2Game.Net社区论坛


电玩巴士PS3破解教程 | 电玩巴士PS3破解专题 | Ps3usercheat 金手指玩家原创评测 |

PS3中文网 - PS3破解 | PS3游戏 | PS3下载 -

GameRankng: Top PS3 Games

Best PS2 Compatible PS3: CECHA - 60gb (North America, Japan). The Fat PS2 is no good anymore due to it is too old and generate too much heat. It got over heat quickly.

PS3 Game Download 

GOCYBERSHOPING | ModchipCentral | Taobao   | LighTake | ModchipCentral

PlayStation 4 Tutorials

YouTube: 最新破解 PS4 FW9.0 方法, 簡易全教程, 十分鐘攪掂 !! (廣東話 / 中文字幕)

YouTube: PS4 9.0系統可以破解了!

YouTube: How to Jailbreak Your PS4 on Firmware 9.00 or Lower!

PS4 Firmeares

[PS4] PSX-FPKG 0.2 by Jabu - New tool to convert PS1 games for PS4

PS1 Classics Emulator Compatibility List (on PS4)

[PS4] PS2-FPKG 0.6 by Jabu - New tool to convert PS2 games for PS4

PS2 Classics Emulator Compatibility List (on PS4)

[PS4] SATURN-FPKG - Convert Saturn Games into PS4 fPKGs

Game PKG For Jailbroken Playstation 4 Download (fpkg)

Reliable Ways to PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade Without Data Loss [Clone Disk] by Tina

Upgrade PS4 Hard Drive to Larger Drive without Losing Data by Lily
XBOX Xecuter 3 CE  
Xbox360 3DMGAME下载站: 单机游戏 | Arcade | DC | MD | NDS | NGC | PS |  PS2 | PS3 | PSP | SS | WII | XBOX360 | (download XBOX 360 Games for free) [3431 W Pomona Blvd, Unit H, Pomona, CA 91768]

GameRanking: Top Xbox 360 Games

XBOX360中文主题站 - XB360游戏下载 | XB360中文游戏

XBox 360 Game Download

SS Sega Saturn Mod Board  SuperUFO
DreamCast Utopia Boot CD  

DreamCast Game Download
DVD Software: SmartRipper, DivX:-), FlaskMPEG DVD Message
Arcade Relive the ARCADE EXPERIENCE at home! X-Arcade
Premoded Game Systems Premoded PS3/XBox360 SUDBURY | Godz of Gaming |
Home Security Security Cameras, X10 Home Security, Wireless Camera, Home Automation, Electronics and More! X10
Other Game Stores Depot4u | OzModChips  
3DMGAME下载站: 单机游戏 | Arcade | DC | MD | NDS | NGC | PS |  PS2 | PS3 | PSP | SS | WII | XBOX360 |

街机游戏合集链接:链接: 提取密码:ivh0

模拟器游戏链接: 提取密码:sgmx
360网盆资源 账号:757550855@QQ.COM  密码:ADMIN3698 (N/A)
PC PC Game Download (N/A)



eStarland - New and Used Video Games & Anime Merchandise

Japan Video Games: 1509 Valley Blvd., Alhambra, CA 91803

1UP Videogames: 111 N Citrus Ave, Covina, CA 91723

3 BIT GAMES: 1600 East Holt Blvd. Pomona, CA 91767 (Space: K24)

Zavaleta Games: 1600 East Holt Blvd. Pomona, CA 91767 (Space: P26)

Game ER: 5460 Philadelphia St., Chino, CA 91710

Game Dude: 12104 Sherman Way, North Hollywood, CA 91605

Game Play LA: 10937 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034

Game Play Pomona: 1600 E Holt Ave, Pomona, CA 91767

Game Play Long Beach: 5911 E Spring St, Long Beach, CA 90808

Pixel Valt Game: 931 W Holt Blvd suite a, Ontario, CA 91762

M & M Video Games: 110 S Mountain Ave g, Upland, CA 91786

Retro Game Plus: 17431 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Play N Trade: 25106 Marguerite Pkwy, Mission Viejo, CA 92692

Game Tyme: 944 W 6th St #115, Corona, CA 92882

Video Game Geeks: 2221 W Ball Rd, Anaheim, CA 92804

Video Game Trader: 3971 Tyler St, Riverside, CA 92503

Gamefix: 134 S Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA 91204

PTR Games: 3505 E Chapman Ave Ste D Orange, 92869

A.I.Group Room 2-4, 6th Floor, Chong Fat Commercial Building, No.266-268 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

EMS Easycom, Ltd.

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