Excel Worksheet


per_hour_calculator Per Hour Calculator
fremont_gpa_calculator.xlsx Fremont: Fremont GPA Calculator
sap_calculator.xlsx SAP Calculator
fremont_sap_calculator.xlsx Fremont: Fremont SAP Calculator
exitloan.xls FA: Direct Loan Exit Interview Loan Calculator
gross_net_calculator.xls FA: Direct Loan Gross to Net, Net to Gross Calculator. Info: Implementing Up-front Interest Rebate in Disbursement Calculations
loanlimit.xls FA: Undergraduate Direct Loan Limit Calculator
r2t4_credit_hour_template.xlsx FA: Treatment of Title IV Funds When A Student Withdraws From A Credit-Hour Program Calculator
gloan.xls FA: Remain Quarter(s) Less Than One Academic Year
rtl.xls  (rtl.pdf) FA: Return to Lender Form
1718_efc_function.txt FA: 2017-18 EFC Function (Visual Basic)
1819_efc_function.txt FA: 2018-19 EFC Function (Visual Basic)
1920_efc_function.txt FA: 2019-20 EFC Function (Visual Basic)
2021_efc_function.txt FA: 2020-21 EFC Function (Visual Basic)
2122_efc_function.txt FA: 2021-22 EFC Function (Visual Basic)
2223_efc_function.txt FA: 2022-23 EFC Function (Visual Basic)
grantrostertemplate.xlsm FA: Cal Grant Roster Template
recontemplate.xlsm FA: Cal Grant Reconciliation Template
theme_function.txt Fremont: Theme Function
programinfo.xlsx Fremont: Program Info
prog_function.txt Fremont: PROG Function. Program -> PROG
termstartdate.xlsx Fremont: Term Start Date: To find out original Grad Date and original Grad Year.
1819_pell_chart_by_quarter.pdf FA: 2018-19 Pell Chart by Quarter (PDF)
fundcategory.xlsx Fund Category
1819_pell_chart_by_quarter_xlsx FA: 2018-19 Pell Chart by Quarter (Excel)
1920_pell_chart_by_quarter.pdf FA: 2019-20 Pell Chart by Quarter (PDF)
1920_pell_chart_by_quarter.xlsx FA: 2019-20 Pell Chart by Quarter (Excel)
2021_pell_chart_by_quarter.pdf FA: 2020-21 Pell Chart by Quarter (PDF)
2021_pell_chart_by_quarter.xlsx FA: 2020-21 Pell Chart by Quarter (Excel)
2122_pell_chart_by_quarter.pdf FA: 2021-22 Pell Chart by Quarter (PDF)
2122_pell_chart_by_quarter.xlsx FA: 2021-22 Pell Chart by Quarter (Excel)
2223_pell_chart_by_quarter.pdf FA: 2022-23 Pell Chart by Quarter (PDF)
2223_pell_chart_by_quarter.xlsx FA: 2022-23 Pell Chart by Quarter (Excel)
2324_pell_chart_by_quarter.pdf FA: 2023-24 Pell Chart by Quarter (PDF)
2324_pell_chart_by_quarter.xlsx FA: 2023-24 Pell Chart by Quarter (Excel)
enstatus.txt FA: Enrollment Status Function (Visual Basic)
1415efc2pell.xls FA: 2014-15 EFC to Pell Converter for Dummies
Pell Grant Calculator online FA: Pell Grant Calculator
separate_income.xls FA: Separate Income
fa_chklist_renew.doc   fa_chklist_renew.pdf FA: FA file check list (Renewal)
projection.xls FA: Estimate Student Financial Projection
aiterm.xls FA: Ai Terms
aiacyr.xls FA: Ai One Academic Year
name_function.txt Name function. Convert "LastName, FirstName" to "FirstName LastName".
art_grant_calculator_4_dummies.xls Ai: Art Grant Calculator for Dummies
code_course.xls Ai: Code Course. Know Code find it's Coure.
course_code.xls Ai: Course Code. Know Course find it's Code.
coursecr_function.txt Ai: Course Credit Function. If know Course Code, then know Course Credits.
art_grant_code.txt Ai: Art Grant Code
booklistcost.xlsx Fremont: Book List Cost
booklistcost_function.txt Fremont: Book List Cost Function
fc.xls Financial Calculator
house.xls House Mortgage/Budget
loanamortization.xls Loan Amortization
x.xls College Algebra: AX^2 + BX + C = 0 find X
sd.xls College Algebra: Synthetic Division
2matrix.xls College Algebra: 2 X 2 Matrix
3matrix.xls College Algebra: 3 X 3 Matrix
mean.xls Statistic: Mean, Standard Deviation, and more...
p.xls Statistic: Probability Distribution
binomial.xls Statistic: Binomial Probability Distribution
probability.xls Statistic: Standard Normal Distribution, Probability
e.xls Statistic: Margin of Error E (Chapter 7)
hp.xls Statistic: Hypothesis Testing (Chapter 8)
T-Distribution Calculator (web site) Statistic: T-Distribution
r.xls Statistic: R (Chapter 10)
VLOOKP Function Examples and Videos Excel: VLOOKUP
YouTube How to Extract Data from a Spreadsheet using VLOOKUP, MATCH and INDEX
MS Excel: How to use the VLOOKUP Function (WS) Excel: VLOOKUP
How to convert text to number in Excel Excel: Convert text to number
realestate.xls Real Estate Estimate
Excel VBA Basic Excel VBA is Fun (YouTube Video)
investment_property.xlsx  Investment Property Loan Qualification Estimate Calculation
isolate_stunum.xlsx Isolate a stunum from (ererer:erer223er:123456789) - example
graduation_employment_chart.xls Graduation-Employment-Chart
time_sheet.xlsx Time Sheet

Loan Formulas:

MonthlyPayment = (LoanAmount * MonthlyInterest) / (1 - (1 + MonthlyInterest)^(-Months))

Where MonthlyInterest = InterestRate / 12